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Planet Nexus is a venture into a new era of forum networking that follows the social networking model of user interaction. Instead of personal pages, we offer forums a page in the NexusTree, where your board's current stats info is automatically displayed on your page, and others can interact with you. NexusTree pages will maximize your board's exposure by connecting you into the powerful Planet Nexus network in an interactive way.

Through the innovative coding genius of our head "Coda", Mike, we are able to offer automatic stats and comment gathering that export to our central hub, The Wall, where everyone can come to check up on everyone else's news who is part of the system. Not only that, but by installing the NexusBar, you can also add NexChat to your board, a cross-forum chat client that allows forum members to talk to each other from their own boards. The magic of this comes through the NexusBar, the multi-site advertising vehicle which connects your forum into the entire Planet Nexus system.

Mission Statement Planet Nexus is dedicated to providing optimum forum networking services in a fun and creative environment. Our mission is to serve the boards who join our network with continuing innovation in cross-board promotion and cooperation.
The Nexus System features are supported by a friendly mentoring community, and various related networking activity forums.

Planet Nexus is administered by Helena and Ryan, and is staffed by the same team that brought you the popular resource forum, Big Boards, famous for its code database innovations. Our Nexus Team:
Clay, Mike, Nicolas, slayer766, Skyon Archer

Our custom themes, Green Vellum and Dark Vellum, were designed by Helena, and coded by Morgan, Nicolas and Cory and are exclusive to Planet Nexus.