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Get your own leaf on the NexusTree, the Planet Nexus innovation that uses the power of social networking to increase your forum visibility in a dynamic and fun way.

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  • Current stats and information imported from your board.
  • Personal comment wall for users to leave you messages.
  • Drive-by rating counts increase your board ranking.
  • A fan list where users can show their support for your board.
  • Display up to three links.
  • Board management control panel to update details, board avatar, and your board's news blurb feed.
  • Exports of new additions and stats to The Wall, giving your board optimum exposure.

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NexusTree FAQs

« Who can have a NexusTree page?
Any ZetaBoards, Invisionfree, or Jcink board can have a page. We will be adding support for other forum systems soon. Request a system.

« How do I activate my NexusTree page and add information?
Please Register. Your page will automatically appear when you install the NexusBar and validate your account. Your NexusTree control panel is accessed from a link right on the bar. Complete instructions are in the NexusTree Documentation. You and your members can access your page anytime from the small leaf icon on the left of your board's NexusBar.

« I don't have an avatar for my board. Where can I get one?
You may request an avatar in this topic.

« Is my control panel secure?
The Nexus CP link is only visible to the admins selected in the Nexus CP. Your control panel is as secure as your Nexus password, and those who are given access. Please see this topic for information on keeping your account secure.

« Is there a button I can use to link to my NexusTree page?
You can use this one NexusTree More sizes and other linking images are available on our Promo Tags page.

« Why do some boards have a gold leaf Gold Leaf icon?
All of the boards that signed up during our first month are NexusTree Root boards. They will retain this honor as long as they appear on the tree.

« Can I delete malicious comments from my NexusTree page?
You can delete only your own comments. Please contact a PN staff member if inappropriate comments or spam is posted.


NexusTree Terms of Service
NexusTree users are expected to abide by the Zathyus Networks TOS, but some specific conditions shall also apply.

Your leaf will remain on the NexusTree as long as the NexusBar is installed on your site and your board has been viewed in the last full day. Automatic pruning from the random search list shall occur should your board receive no views for 24 hours. If you remove the NexusBar from your board, your page will expire after 24 hours and be removed from view. However, upon reinstalling the bar, your page will reappear with your chosen preferences intact.

Your page may be removed for:
  • Any TOS violation as deemed appropriate by NexusTree management.
  • Making abusive, rude, or threatening comments on any NexusTree pages.
  • Cheating or abusing the system.
  • Posting false information about others.
Some violations may get you a brown leaf warning. More serious violations will result in immediate removal of your page.