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You are currently orbiting in guest-mode, and that is OK with us. :cool: You do not have to join Planet Nexus to create a page on the NexusTree. Subscribers immediately become a part of our dynamic networking engine for message boards (which includes extras like NexChat, Members Online Today, the NexLike Reputation system, Blurb and Live Sig options). The Nexus System is free and open to anyone with a ZetaBoards, InvisionFree, zIFBoards or Jcink community! Learn more about Nexus System registration HERE. The process is quick and easy. You can be up and Nexworking in only a few minutes!

Get your own leaf on the NexusTree >> Posted Image << Sign up Today!

In order to access our Nexus support system you will need to register a personal Planet Nexus forum account. An account on Planet Nexus allows you to test our IRC-style NexChat and NexLike features and fully participate on the powerful NexusTree. You'll be able to rate communities, leave comments, become fans, and swing through the tree to discover the content of many different boards in a vast array of genres.

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Posted Image Page Care and Feeding - Don't let your leaf turn brown!

Your NexusTree page will automatically appear once you have installed the NexusBar on your ZetaBoards or Invisionfree board. You can view your NexusTree page at any time by clicking the leaf icon Posted Image on your NexusBar when viewing from your board pages.

Your newly rendered page will automatically display:

  • Board Name
  • Board software
  • Board link
  • NexusTree join date
  • Last board activity

  • Post count
  • Member count
  • Board description
  • Staff listing

NexusBar will immediately start to collect and display the following stats:
Board StatsWall Stats

  • Total hits to your board
  • Total unique hits on your board
  • Visitors today
  • NexusBar click-throughs
  • Top Board Rank
  • Rating Rank
  • Fan Count Rank

It is important to customize your page to get the most benefit. You will only need to do the basic setup once, but you have the ability to update your page at anytime. To customize your NexusTree page, open the link on your NexusBar entitled Nexus CP.
Posted Image<--- Where to find your NexusCP link
You will be asked up on registration to choose a board genre and add your board description. You must do this to validate your registration, but you have the ability to update your Nexus settings at anytime. To customize your NexusTree page again later, open the link on your NexusBar entitled Nexus CP. This link is on the right side of the bar. If you choose Test Board for the display option, the Tree and Bar displays will be turned off by default. You will have the option to turn them back on, so don't be afraid to use this option.

Posted Image

Validate your Nexus registration on the Home page. You must choose a board genre, and add a board description here. Your board will not appear on our system until validated.

Once you have done this you may continue customization on your NexusCP by installing a NexusTree page avatar (Board image) and adjusting your NexusBar background and border colors. Hex colors must begin with a #, or you may use standard web color names. A staff note pad is provided for your convenience. You may check your changes to your NexusTree page by clicking the Posted Image icon next to your account name.

Posted Image

The settings page contains NexusBar's optional features: Members Online Today, NexChat Board, and NexChat Global. All options are disabled by default, and the default Users image is specified for the MOT. To select a Nexus option to use on your board, choose YES from the dropdown options. You may choose Board chat only, or you may choose Board chat and the Global Chat option. You may replace the URL of the MOT image with one of your choice. You may control your board display here. When you have made your selections, click the Update button.

BLURB PAGEPosted Image
To add a blurb, first add a title for your blurb. Type your blurb into the text area. You are permitted up to 500 characters. Use your blurb to announce up to the minute board news, make a welcome, or to invite visitors to check out your activities. When you are finished, click "Post Blurb!" Your blurb will instantly appear on your NexusTree page and on The Wall.

You may delete and repost your blurb at any time. (Although blurbs can enter the Wall queue only once every 6 hours.) To delete a blurb, choose the blurb (listed by it's title) from the "Select Blurb" dropdown box, then "Delete". The latest blurb will always appear at the top of up to 5 blurbs on your NexusTree page. After the 5th blurb, an archive link will appear on your page so that previous blurbs may still be accessed. Your page will also have a Blurb Feed icon that users can add to feedreaders or Live Bookmarks and follow your "blurbing".

Posted Image

Enable the Reputation system on this page and its ready to go using our supplied default images and text. That's all you need to get started. But there is more! You can use the options on the page to completely customize your members experience. Rename the Like/Dislike buttons, provide your own images, even rename the Leaderboard. You can make this system into any kind of point accumulation system you wish.

Posted Image

You may add up to three hyperlinks of your choice on your NexusTree page. Simply add the Link Name (text you wish to appear) and the URL web address (http://webaddress.com/) Use your links to promote more information about your site, RSS feed, blog, gallery or news topic. It's up to you.

Posted Image

Your Add Staff page has two purposes:
1. To choose who is listed as staff on your NexusTree page. All staff are grouped together on your NexusTree page. There is no distinction between admins and mods. Tick the box to include a name on your NexusTree staff list. You can only choose from members who have already registered with the Nexus system on your board.
2. To choose admins and moderators for your NexChat. (Only those designated as Admins will be able to view the NexusCP link on your bar.) However the only Admins who have access will be the ones to whom you choose to give your NexusCP password.

If you are the person who signed up your board, you will be ranked as ROOT. You may appoint admins and mods. Admins may appoint or demote other admins and mods. Mods may appoint other mods. No one else may edit the ROOT account in any way.

A list of your selections will appear below with name, rank and NexusTree display mode.

Posted Image

NexusChat has no board chat word filters by default. Add the word you would like to filter and the replacement for it in the fields provided. After that, the filter may either be edited or deleted.

Nexus Users Page: Contains a list of your members who have registered for the Nexus system, and is sorted by their last activity time.

Staff Logs: Moderator actions are listed by mod name/action/time/username. A list of muted and banned members is displayed on the staff log page.

Checklist: A list of help and FAQ links plus tips on how to instruct your members about the Nexus features.

Log out: Clicking this link will return you to the login page.

Your page will expire from the NexusTree database 48 hours after the NexusBar is uninstalled from your site. However, if the bar is re-installed, your last preferences will be restored.

Your NexusTree page will temporarily drop out of the random board link queue and from the directory search if no one logs onto your board and views the index in the past 48 hours.

Test boards must have the NexusTree and NexusBar displays turned off. The Tree page may be turned on for testing, and then turned off again at the end of the testing session.

If disturbing or abusive comments are posted on your page, you may contact a Planet Nexus staff member to remove them.
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You'll see a page in your NexusCP menu titled Live Sigs. Live images populated with the latest information provided by your board statistics and by your own updates to your NexusTree page. You may link these dynamic images to your board or connect your image with your NexusTree page or Blurb Archive.

NexusTree and NexusBlurb icons:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image NexusTree Icons --------- Blurb Feed Icons Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image --------------------------------- Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

We've provided the above networking icons for you to link to your page and blurb. There are additional images available on the Promo Tags page of the submenu. Several can be customized with your board name. A complete set of icons can be downloaded there.

Your members can visit your page by clicking the little green leaf in your NexusBar. If they wish to leave comments and vote your board higher in The Wall ratings, they will need to register an account on Planet Nexus and then register on PN's Nexus Bar. (They can use the same password as they used to register on the Nexus Bar on your home site.)

For suggestions on presenting the new system to your community, please see this topic: Introducing your members to Nexus features

If you have additional questions, please ask in Posted Image
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