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How To Make your NexusLeaf Work For You
Topic Started: Monday Jul 3 2017, 12:44 PM (232 Views)
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Foxy One

Just joining Nexus and getting yourself a leaf is not going to magically make it do something for your site. After acquiring one, you need to actually do something with it and that is what I am going to attempt showing you all. How to make it apart of your forum and utilize all that it has to offer. There is some work that goes into using it but once you have, it can become a highly important piece to your arsenal of tools.

First Step
Board Descriptions are highly important. Even if it is only a few words, let anyone visiting know what your site is about. This is as necessary to your Leaf as is the link to your site itself. Keep in mind, that if anyone hovers over your link on the NexusBar, your Board Description will be what they see. However sweet you make that honey is directly related to how many flies you attract.

Make sure that whatever staff you have, are joined onto the Nexus system and are registered under the Staff section. If none or not all of your staff are part of the system then why would your members care to join and be a part of it if not everyone else is on board. Everyone needs to be in on the game for it to work.

Next, in the Our Links, make sure you have the most important links set to your site. Whatever is deemed important depending on your site's purpose. For an RP site; rules, setting and news are usually a good place to start. If you are a chat site then maybe for you it is introductions, guidelines and updates would work for you. Whatever are the most core points of your site should be easily grabbed by anyone visiting. New and old members should never have to dig for the information.

Second Step
Make a post on your forum and make it a prominent one, that talks about what the Leaf is and why it is important to your site. Be sure to make a walk-through for any member to read that tells them exactly how to join the Nexus System and how they can be a part of your own Leaf. Like I said earlier, you want your members to be a much of a part of your Leaf as you are. It would also behoove you to encourage everyone to Rank your site and Fan it. This is why you want them to actually join the system, that way they can contribute to your reputation on the Nexus system.

There are different ways you can give intensives for members to join up. Either by offering them custom user titles, on-site perks such as currency for sites with one, or specifically set forum categories only for use by Nexus members. Whatever you make your perk be, make sure it's worth the time and effort it takes them to join another site system.

Last Step
Use the system. This means you should post frequently or at least semi frequent blurbs that appear on your forum some place. Keep people in the loop and make an effort to look active, this way anyone not a part of your system already knows that you are doing something and will be enticed to come visit your forum. Use the Latest Comments section; ask questions of your members and get a dialog going. The more active your comment section appears the better your odds are of getting people interested.

Whatever the reason is that you joined Nexus and made a Leaf for is not going to do anything for you just by sitting there and not utilizing all of the tools it has. No amount of clicking your own Nexusbar is going to attract new people to the game. Just by being in the 'top whatever' will not make your site better than one else if you do not put up a fight for it. Hopefully this little guide will help you or inspire you make something out of your own Leaf and make it work for you. Good luck everyone!
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on an obscure beach on Planet Nexus....

Excellent information and encouragement, StrifeFox.

I'm glad you highlighted the importance of the board description, because that is what people see that hover your board link on the NexusBar when visiting a nexus member forum. You want that to be an interesting and enticing as possible. That gets them to your leaf page, where the rest of your effort can pay off.
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