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inactive sites
Topic Started: Friday Mar 2 2018, 01:43 PM (117 Views)
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Seems there's still a lot of sites listed that've been inactive for in excess of 18 months, wonder what's happening with those sites? It seems strange keeping them when active sites could benefit from more exposure, it'd also save time trying to find a site to join, only to find every other site is inactive, searching would be a lot easier if the inactive sites weren't listed..
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The forum activity is computed by an algorithm in the nexus coding. If a board gets visited, it is considered active. The code can't differentiate between member and guest visits as I understand it, so that could be why some inactive sites continue to be listed on the NexusTree. There is a time they stay on the tree once becoming inactive, but will then reactivate at the next visit once that expires. . Often that happens before they drop off the Tree, so you may click into a NexusTree page that lists a board as inactive. At expiration, the leaf disappears from the Tree, even though it can be accessed from the Wall page

If I come across a tree page that is displaying where the board no longer exists, I will delete that page, but not just because it is listed as inactive.
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