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Users online Issue
Topic Started: Monday Apr 16 2018, 07:17 AM (138 Views)
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Tis Only Me
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When does your script or whatever you use reset itself? We have been looking at this and i know for a fact that all staff members have been on today and it isn't showing in the users online, i also know there have been more members on mine that are not showing on the users online list either. This isn't my end, i been looking and watching this all day, this started to happen a few days ago,i know this cause the day, date , and times of some of the members that have been on today does not correlate in sequence with who has been online and who is listed in the online list..
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on an obscure beach on Planet Nexus....

There is no daily reset. The users drop off one at a time when they hit the 24 hour mark.

Occasionally, names do not get on the list because you have to visit the index page for the script to pick up the name. If someone comes in by another page, and then leaves without visiting the index, they will not show up on the MOT list.
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